About Us

Our History

The National Hand Dance Association was organized and founded in the Summer of 1994.  There were twenty-one (21) original members.  The formal introduction of the Association occurred on Sunday, December 18, 1994 with the culmination of the “Third Annual Hand Dance Competition Ball,” held at the J. W. Marriott Hotel.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is threefold:

  • To Preserve
  • To Educate, and
  • To Promote

the art form of Hand Dancing in the community.

Our Goals

The Association’s programs have a dual focus, i.e., hand dancing as an art form and a as a community service.  Hand dancing as an art form will be represented by the creation of a national archive.  In so doing, the NHDA will educate the public-at-large.  The archive will also preserve materials including tape-recorded oral histories, still photographs, video footage, memorabilia and other items which tell the story of hand dancing.  In addition, the Association plans to use these materials in school programs, publications, and exhibits to increase awareness.

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Mission Statement

The National Hand Dance Association (“NHDA”) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit membership organization.  The mission of NHDA is to “Preserve, Educate and Promote the cultural art form of. Hand Dance.”* The National Hand Dance Association is the clearinghouse and resource center …

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The History of NHDA

The National Hand Dance Association (NHDA), a non-profit 501(c)(3) membership organization, was founded 1994 and incorporated in 1996 in Washington DC .  There were 18 original members. The formal introduction of the Association occurred on Sunday, December 18, 1994 with …

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Executive Committee

EXECUTIVE BOARD Beverly Lindsay-Johnson, President president1@nationalhanddanceassociation.org Joseph “JoJo” Nelson – 1st Vice President and Chairperson, Community Affairs vicepres1@nationalhanddanceassociation.org Jacque Ballard – 2nd Vice President and Chairperson, Membership Services vicepres2@nationalhanddanceassociation.org Markus Smith – 3rd Vice President for Youth and Young Adult …

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Recent NHDA Achievements

2011 National Hand Dance Association List of Achievements NHDA receives a $3,250 Major Grant from the Humanities Council of Washington, DC to sponsor a screening of the documentary “Hand Dance: A Capitol Swing”, followed by a panel discussion on the …

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Contact Us

NHDA Office Location: 2500 Martin Luther King Avenue, SE Washington, DC 20020 Mailing  Address: PO Box 70006 Washington, DC 20024 Toll Free 1-866-583-0780 Webmaster: info@nationalhanddanceassociation.org NHDA is located in the offices of the United Black Fund.  The United Black Fund …

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